Probaditas de Español by Live The Language – Spanish Interrogatives with Muriel Ricard

Spanish Blog “Probaditas de Español” by Live the Language: Deidre Aragon interviews, actress, singer, voice coach, Muriel Ricard Laboriel, using Spanish interrogatives. -Hola Welcome to Live the Language, ¡Vive en Español! We offer thoroughly interactive and personalized Spanish classes to attain fluency. Live The language original curriculum gives you the tools to speak fluently and make Spanish part of your everyday life.
Live The Language classes are small, no more than 4 students, to maximize the time you will speak in Spanish. Live The Language also provides you with resources to practice Spanish every day at your own pace through our video blog, Quizlets, and other fun activities.

Live The Language gives you the opportunity to connect in Spanish in fun social settings, like our weekly “hora feliz”, our Celebración de día de muertos, our movie nights, our cooking lessons, and our journeys to Latin America.
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