CDMX, Mexico City Fall in Love!! The most amazing Mexico City Hyperlapse, CDMX, 4K, Drone

+20000 photoshoot pictures in 3 months to create this video, hope you like it
some tips for drone time-lapse:
1. Image stabilization is the most important, I check wind speed app before planning my shooting scene, fly your drone only when wind speed less than 0-2km/h, shooting days only few days per month, need more be patient for time-lapse
2. shoot image in RAW file
3. night scene image ISO maximum 800 ( my drone is Mavic air 2), ISO 1600 image noise is too high to reduce/correct it
4. once drone starts to shoot images, move to tripod mode on remote control instead of normal mode
5. take photos in traffic hours is better, early morning or in the evening to get more traffic animation in your video, Monday to Friday
6. day light shooting almost always with ND filters, I use 16/64 often, more in 64
7. pick up DJI hyperlapse way point, less image stabilization issue than hyperlapse circle mode
8. when battery left 40% after 300 images shooting, I leverage it to create next ”fully charge battery” hyperlapse way point trajectory, then once battery change, I can immediately to shoot photos with my plan
9. not to close to shooting object, above 300m far away from object is my prefer setup, to avoid image shaking
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