High Density 2022

Welcome to High Density 2022 – a conference for all coffee people. Accessible and practical to coffee professionals all over the world, the full-day program showcases the brightest leaders and game-changing ideas in specialty coffee right now.

The line-up, featuring over 50 global speakers, has been expertly curated by a group of internationally-based coffee professionals – Ana Luiza Pellicer, Marissa Childers, Chris McAuley, Kat Melheim, and Sunghee Tark. Their five sections – On the Farm, Behind the Bar, In the Community, On the Page, and for the Future, respectively – are designed to reflect the range of diverse paths of the specialty coffee industry.

00:06:00 María Paz Lobo Zeledón
00:41:00 Klaus Thomsen
00:47:00 Francisco Gonzalez
00:52:00 Sunghee Tark
01:26:00 Joshua Jagelman
01:48:00 Komal Sable
01:57:00 Kar-Yee Cheung
02:10:00 Abhinav Khanal
02:29:00 Fabiana Carvalho
02:58:00 Valentina Palange
03:04:00 Casey LaLonde
03:09:00 Emma Haines & Brook Collins
03:28:00 Piyapat (Flook) Lapteerawut
03:38:00 Tonny Gitonga
03:47:00 Camilla Morgan
04:00:00 Celeste Wong
04:16:00 Diego Gonzales
04:30:00 Kat Melheim
05:01:00 Sebastian Villamizar
05:14:00 Elisa Criscione
05:29:00 Juliana Ganan
05:36:00 Miguel Vicuña
05:41:00 Lucas Louzada Pereira
06:06:00 Oliver Hardaker and Ludvik Hopstock
06:11:00 Chad Trewick
06:18:00 Kellem Emanuele
06:28:00 Sarah Huggins
06:37:00 Chelsea Thoumsin
06:51:00 Sahra Nguyen
07:03:00 Arii Lynton Smith
07:14:00 Selina Viguera
07:26:00 Jenn Chen
07:38:00 Nora Burkey
07:54:00 Sam Spillman
08:07:00 Matt Foster
08:27:00 Ben Put
08:33:00 Grant Gamble
08:46:00 Casey Chartier-Vignapiano
09:07:00 Stacey Lynden
09:12:00 Craig Batory
09:31:00 Sunghee Tark
10:16:00 Shea D Broussard
10:38:00 Pedro Echavarría
10:41:00 Marvin Duncan
11:00:00 Cristiane Gerbasi

Subtitles are available in Chinese, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Urdu. Click on the CC icon to begin and on the ‘options’ icon to select a different language. Languages other than English are auto-translated and may contain some errors.

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DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed in High Density sessions are solely those of the speakers and do not represent the views or opinions of The Barista League.

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